Vanessa Yeung

Celebrity Model/Columnist/Author/Travel Expert

@Hong Kong

Vanessa Yeung, is a versatile individual. She is a professional model, travel columnist, publishing writer, TV presenter, radio anchor, actor and many other identities. She insists on giving herself the best daily skin care routine even if she has a fully-occupied schedule every day.

“Not.just.A Sponge is an important cleansing tool in my daily skin care routine. The texture is so unique, just like a soufflé, it can be used to cleanse and exfoliate without application of a cleanser. I feel my skin becoming smoother and silkier after the One-Minute Facial using NJA. Living in the city, our skin is exposed to environmental pollution and daily damaged caused by stress at work, this is where NJA plays the important role to repair and replenish. NJA is a biodegradable Konjac sponge which brings nutrients and minerals to the skin, it is natural and environmentally friendly too!”