Toni Joel & Nikki Horovitz

Founder of Tonic Australia


Toni and Nikki are founders of Tonic Australia, a high-quality brand from Australia mainly selling the best quality of life products and travel products.

They are impassioned to create a business that offered beautiful, thoughtful and innovative products for people across the world and they love to share gorgeous products they used, such as Not just A sponge.

"I’m Toni and I’m Nikki, we are the co-founders of the Tonic. We have the absolute pleasure of using NOT JUST A SPONGE. Last night, I used the volcanic scoria one, I loved it, I felt it was really cleaning my face, a little bit of exfoliation, but most importantly, I felt really nourish afterwards, and I used the bamboo charcoal one, loved how deeply and gently it cleansed my skin. We recommend you to give it a try, it Konjac from Korea. "