Gary Chung

Top Makeup Artist in Hong Kong SAR

@Hong Kong

Gary Chung, one of the top Makeup Artists in Hong Kong SAR, who has been using Not.just.A sponge for a long time would love to share his amazing experience.

"Our skin feel clogged in the muggy weather, so deep cleansing is a must to keep our skin fresh and cool. Not.just.A Konjac sponge surprises me a lot. Not only I feel every pores cam breathe after One-Minute Facial, but my skin becomes softer. I am using Not.just.A Green Tea, having 100% natural Konjac vegetable mixed with Green Tea powder. After you wet it under water, it’s soft like soufflé, simply squeeze the excess water and massage in an upward circular motion all over your face and neck, this will gently exfoliate and remove the dirt, giving you a glowy and flawless skin. With the natural power of Konjac vegetable, it can be used without any cleansers to wash away any impurities. Alternatively, try it with natural/organic cleansers of feel another experience of the One-Minute Facial."