Christine Eng

A veteran actor, singer and TV host in Hong Kong SAR, who has more than 20 years of yoga experience.

@Hong Kong

Anyone who has been binge-watching Christine Eng's show must be amazed by her perfect skin condition. It turns out that she cleanses her face every day with Not just A sponge (NJA) and she has been the big fan of NJA ever since!

“I tried Not just A sponge was because it was made from natural Konjac plants. When I use the sponge, it reminds me of FITBALL in yoga. Not just A sponge is like a FITBALL, it is soft that it fits all area of the skin very well. Especially the corners of your eyes, wing of your nose, and the pores under your eye bags, all of them can be very thoroughly cleaned. Recently, I got lots of compliments on my improved skin condition from pro make-up artist. A well cleansed skin boosts skincare products absorption, that’s the key to flawless skin!”