Boost the Green Beauty Inside!

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Milk Magazine 5 April 2018

Promoting a new experience of pure and natural skin care, Not just A sponge is 100% Konjac vegetable, which filled with vitamins and minerals. It is 100% colour additive free, synthetic cosmetic ingredients free and completely biodegradable. Expensive daily ablutions requiring a witch’s brew of potions and lotions are no longer necessary, it needs only water to baptize you from all your skin sins, helping to gently stimulate the growth of new skin cells and improving blood flow. Not just A produces a niche range of Konjac sponges, namely ‘IN THE RAW’, ‘BAMBOO CHARCOAL’, ‘VOLCANIC POWER’ as well as new launched ‘GREEN TEA’, ‘BAMBOO CHARCOAL BODY SPONGE’. Your face and body will be gently nourished, and you will be a true convert from head to toe.